Friday, September 21, 2012

We Made it to the Moon...Now Let's Cure Cancer!

Woke up this morning to see two awesome things!  First, ANOTHER donation came in over night, which brings our 1.5 day fundraising total to $265!!  Remember, if you want to make your donations anonymous, I understand and respect that.  But if you want me to tell everyone how AWESOME you are and let Lizbeth know that you are standing there with her, be sure to fill out your name when you make your donation.  In the meantime, I'll keep everything that shows up at anonymous our secret unless you tell me otherwise.  Either way, you are a rock star and I can't thank you enough!!

The second piece of awesome news this morning was this story from

"Launching a New War on Cancer"

The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston as announced its "Moon Shots Program" and has  chosen Ovarian Cancer as one of its 5 targeted cancer types to focus on.  The goal of Moon Shots is to significantly reduce the number of deaths from these 5 types of cancer by the end of the DECADE.  Just like President Kennedy promised that we'd go to the moon by the end of the '60's, these determined scientists have promised to make deaths from ovarian cancer "as rare as dying of pneumonia."  

The coolest part is that YOU can have a stake in making Moon Shots a reality.  Because guess who gives funding to researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston??  That's right, the OVARIAN CANCER RESEARCH FUND, the non-profit I am raising money for by running a marathon!! Ahhhhh sooooo exciting!!!

So go ahead and start your weekend off right by making a donation to OCRF at my page,  By doing this, you will have personally helped to make the Moon Shots program a reality, and helped to get rid of deaths from ovarian cancer by the end of the decade!  

Peace and Love (and Happy Friday!), 


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