Monday, September 24, 2012

There's a reason it's called CANcer- not CAN'Tcer

No running for me today, so here are some other important updates:

I heard from Liz today, and she reported that there IS in fact a newspaper of lower quality than the Maryland Independent.  Hard to imagine, but I got a good laugh out of her assessment of the local OK City paper, and I was glad to hear some funny news from her :).

Unfortunately, ovarian cancer does not get nearly as much press as its better-known counterpart.  I'm so thankful for all of the research and awareness for breast cancer, but it definitely highlights the need for more funding for other types of cancer research.  I hope that one day there will be just as many walks, runs, fundraisers, teal ribbons  and people out there showing support for ovarian cancer research!    

If you are wondering who might be at higher risk for ovarian cancer, I gathered some information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to share:

"There is no way to know for sure if you 
will get ovarian cancer.  Most women 
get it without being at high risk.  
However, there are several factors that 
may increase the chance that you will 
get ovarian cancer, including if you:

•  Are middle-aged or older.

•  Have close family members 
(such as your mother, sister, aunt, 
or grandmother) on either your 
mother’s or your father’s side 
who have had ovarian cancer.

•  Have had breast, uterine, or 
colorectal cancer.

•  Have an Eastern European 
(Ashkenazi) Jewish background.

•  Have never given birth or have 
had trouble getting pregnant.

•  Have endometriosis (a condition 
where tissue from the lining of 
the uterus grows elsewhere in 
the body).

If you have one or more of these 
factors, it does not mean you will get 
ovarian cancer.  But you should speak 
with your doctor about your risk."

Keep in mind that this list is not all inclusive, and there are always exceptions.  Remember, if you suspect something is wrong with YOUR body, be your own advocate and get a medical opinion.  

As I get mentally ready for another week of running, I think about how wonderful it will be to have Lizbeth cheering for me as I run on March 16.  I know she will be there because she's a fighter and she has all of us that love her.  Looking forward to it more than anything.  

Peace and love, 

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